LOGIMEX, in its trajectory, has specialized in providing services in import operations of projects that involve entire plants. It acts from the planning of Customs Engineering, with the elaboration of an operational design that best applies to the project, always focused on obtaining the greatest tax exemption possible, to the conclusion of all the processes of nationalization of the plant.

Organized gathering of all the factors that involve the import process of an entire plant project has been the expertise developed and applied to each of the import operations of production lines, complete industrial plants and power generation plants, especially those of thermoelectric generation.

Analyzing the scope of supply, applying the customs perspective in the formation of specific modules, planning all the stages of your imports with a focus on the tax relief of the enterprise and executing the customs clearance preserving the applicable tax benefits and those already obtained in each sphere of government, is a constant activity for the LOGIMEX team.

Our multidisciplinary team goes deep into thinking about the door-to-door logistics of an entire plant project and is able to perform all the steps of this process, applying its experience acquired in over 20 years of operation in this segment.