The Customs Engineering that Logimex applies to the projects, consists of understanding the project in detail, starting with the supply contract, going through the particularity of each piece of equipment that will be imported, from a customs point of view. Our team of engineers and specialists in foreign trade study the project, aiming to adapt it to the international customs legislation, established y the World Customs Organization, of which Brazil is a signatory. this activity consists of grouping, describing, classifying and valuing each piece of equipment in order to present it already in its agreed format to the customs authorities.

LOGIMEX operational team, before entering the planning and execution phase of its activities, researches the existence of special customs procedures applicable to the projects and their particularities, which allow your cargo to receive a differentiated treatment by customs, and provide an essential operational speed with a positive impact on the initially projected costs.

LOGIMEX prepares the executive schedules for each stage of the customs engineering process, establishing the forms and strategies inherent to the logistics, tax and customs planning of the project.