Logimex has, in customs clearance, one of its main activities in the international trade segment. The specialized professionals of our team perform a detailed analysis of the import and export process, defining the best strategy to perform the operations, always supported by the complex and vast legislation that regulates the sector.

With relevant and proven experience in customs clearance and its instigating gears, Logimex is fully capable of providing all the technical and operational support in complex processes of nationalization or internationalization of project cargo that pass through the customs of Brazilian ports and airports.

As a company with the commitment to ensure that its team is always updated on multiple and comprehensive legislation that governs the universe of foreign trade, Logimex is, at any time, able to perform with responsibility, diligence and safety customs clearance operations of imports and exports, in its various formats and regimes, from the simplest to the most elaborate, such as the imports of entire thermoelectric plants with all its production modules, with the planned fluidity and high success rate.