Logimex Comércio Exterior operates in the Customs Brokerage area.

Founded in 1997 and established in its own headquarters downtown Rio de Janeiro, Logimex is a company that maintains a team of professionals specialized in importing special projects that include entire power plants and handling of non-standard weights and dimension cargo.

Among its specialties, we highlight importation of large Projects tax planning, as well as the search for exemption from federal, state and municipal taxes. Logimex is a company that seeks customs and tax solutions in the foreign trade field.


Offering reliable integrated logistics solutions for the import and export markets, meeting all the needs of its clients in an agile, effective, creative and responsible manner, contributing to Brazil's economic growth.


Becoming a reference in integrated international logistics in its market.


Business Ethics, Professional Integrity, Personal Honesty, Technical Excellence, Respect for its clients and Pride for Brazil.


Sustainability is part of Logimex's corporate culture and is manifested in practice by the managerial and operational decisions adopted by the company's management.

Caring for human resources, ethics, quality, safety, health, environmental protection and social commitment are present at all times in the company's activities, Logimex's main sustainability-oriented commitments are as follows:

  • VALUING the company's human resources as its most valuable asset
  • FIGHTING any and all discrimination, as well as labor exploitation
  • FIGHTING corruption and predatory commercial practices
  • Always IMPROVING the quality of its services
  • ADOPTING procedures of proven effectiveness in work safety
  • PRESERVING, at all costs, the physical and mental health of its employees 
  • ADOPTING Ethos Institute Principles regarding corporate social responsability  

Furthermore, Logimex always presents its clients with solutions that preserve these precautions. Thus, the selection of suppliers, service providers and operational partners is conducted in a way to always consider options that use recycled material and include modern, less polluting transport fleets and port operators, along with well-trained, satisfied and motivated drivers.

Environmental Commitment

Logimex is a service provider company, operating for over twenty years in the integrated logistics segment. With no industrial assets of its own, the company has been ever more committed to the environment.

Logimex is characterized as a company that guides its employees to respect the environment, in terms of their individual professional activities, using Logimex Internal Ruler of Environmental Commitment, which favours product acquisition and service contract with a high index of industrial recycling. Logimex exclusively selects and includes in its integrated logistics operational chain partners that respect and practice, in every way, the main aspects of environment preservation.

Social Responsability

Logimex is aware of its business performance, associated with its Social Responsibility. Logimex has decided to adopt and follow the concept of the Ethos Institute: "Corporate social responsibility is the form of management that is defined by the Company's ethical and transparent relationship with the public and by the establishment of business goals that drive the sustainable development of society, preserving environmental and cultural resources for future generations, respecting diversity and promoting the reduction of social inequalities."

This means, within the scope of Logimex's corporate operations, prioritizing Values and Transparency, Internal Public, Environment, Suppliers and Partners, Customers, Community, Government and Society and Reduction of Inequality.

Logimex is also focused on ethical and transparent management, so as to minimize its negative impacts on the environment and the community, acknowledging all stakeholders and aiming at dialogue.


Logimex has Petrobras Registry Approval

Logimex has Petrobras registry approval, having its CRC - Certificate of Registration issued IN 2012. This approval, due to its national and international visibility, allows all of Petrobras' Business Units, as well as all of its suppliers, to consider Logimex as a pre-qualified and relevant partner when participating in quotations, bids and compeitions.