Logimex devotes most of its technical and managerial resources to select and manage their transportation partners, both national and international. The care taken by Logimex, to choose the best option of air, ocean, road, railway or waterway freight, both boarding and disembarkation, always include the following criteria:

  • Experience and proven references in their business areas
  • Performance on previous contracts
  • Quality and competence of the operational teams

Thus, Logimex can offer its Clients the best possible cost-effective solution, when it comes to select and contract transportation modes. This becomes extremely attractive to the market, mainly in complex door-to-door operations, allowing Logimex Clients to experiment the desired tranquility when receiving their cargo already in their facilities, at the negotiated time frame and within the expected cost.

There are Logimex transport partners, acting in over 120 (hundred and twenty) countries, including those specialized in complex cargoes, extremely heavy and with non-standard dimensions, a typical characteristic of special projects.