Work with us

Logimex is fully aware that its largest and most important asset is its team of employees. Thus, Logimex is constantly investing in their employees, by means of periodical training for a better understanding of their functional activities, by conducting improvement in other languages and also providing extension courses compatible with the organization´s goals. The use of EAD (Distance Learning), WEBTV and other technologies and modern training and improvement processes are part of the internal structure offered by Logimex.

Logimex intends to provide Career Plans for their employees, aiming their development and professional growth, alongside the years, being all of them and Logimex itself even more prepared to satisfy the needs of Brazil and to insert our Country in the international market, in a global and permanent way.

We are regularly offering professional opportunities chances for new talents. They can be identified in this website and can cover executive or operational positions, traineeship or opportunities for people with special needs.

Please send us also your résumé. Analysing and including it in our Talent Database will be the first step for a possible future interview.