Sustainability is part of the Logimex corporate culture and is manifested in practice by the managing and operational decisions taken by the Company Board.

The precautions with human resources, ethics, quality, security, health, environmental protection and social commitment are present in every movement of the Company core activities. Logimex´s main engagements regarding sustainability are the following:

  • Valuing the Company´s human resources as its most valuable asset;
  • Fighting any segregation, as well as labor exploitation;
  • Fighting corruption and predatory trade practices;
  • Always improving the quality of Company services;
  • Adopting proven procedures in labor safety;
  • Preserving at all costs the physical and mental health of its employees;
  • Encouraging internal awareness programs related to environmental protection;
  • Adopting the principles of ETHOS Institute concerning corporate social responsibility.

Moreover, Logimex also always presents to its Clients solutions that preserve such care. Thus, the selection of suppliers, services providers and operational partners is conducted by Logimex always taking into account options that use recycled material and also contemplate modern and less polluting transport fleets, port operators and drivers well qualified, motivated and satisfied in their functions.

Environmental Commitment

Logimex is a services provider company, operating for 15 (fifteen) years in the integrated logistics area, without any industrial assets of its own, but however has been taking every single day more and more its commitment with the environment.

Logimex is a company that directs its employees to respect the environment, on terms of their individual professional activities, using Logimex´s Internal Rules of Environmental Commitment and favors hiring of products and services with a high level of industrial recycling. It selects and only includes in its operational chain of integrated logistics partners companies which respect and put into practice in every way the main aspects of environmental preservation.