Cost Reduction

The principles of professional ethics, integrity and honesty are always present in any operational action or business decision of Logimex. These principles guide the best possible care to the needs of its Clients. Services quickly executed, with extreme quality and reduced costs, express the synthesis of these needs.

Logimex is ready to offer costs savings to its Clients in virtually all stages of an integrated logistics chain:

  • In selecting the fowarding agent, in Brazil and abroad.
  • In negotiating the most cost-effective modal, according to the specific needs of the Client and its cargo.
  • In the use of the appropriate consulting services, optimizing exchange rates, seeking appropriate tax classification, Ex-Tariff and other tax reductions applications and the use of other special terms in imports and, where applicable, in the exports.
  • In negotiating with regulatory and inspection agencies, reducing/eliminating additional warehousing costs and speeding up the assembling process before clearance, or of immediate use or of incorporation the imported assets to Clients.
  • In selecting partners, suppliers and service providers, both in Brazil as well as abroad, aiming to contract the most reliable option, with the lower risk of failure and better performance.
  • In the professional management of special projects, making sure to the Clients, at least, full compliance of deadlines and agreed terms and costs.

Thus, Logimex provides its Clients all the necessary confidence when contracting integrated logistics services, from the most simple up to the extremely complex.