Expertise in Projects

Logimex is a solutions Company, always seeking to clear the complexity of each operation presented by its clients, as far as foreign trade operations.

Logimex solutions are based on the use of various existing legal tools. We conjugate Special Customs Terms and use all the existing legal technical customs resources available to the Clients. And, since Logimex team has multiple areas knowledge, we are ready to execute complex projects and to notice every single aspect of each operation.

Logimex plans, develops and performs special projects, involving the import or export of:

  • Machinery and/or Equipment, new or used, which have special physical characteristics, such as large non-standard dimensions, very heavy weights or any other characteristic of a complex nature.
  • Functional Unities and Machinery Combination, new or used.
  • Production Lines and Industrial Plants, new or used, complete or not, of any nature and from any origin to any destination.

Special "Door-to-Door" Projects

Logimex co-ordinates and executes special projects under "door-to-door" terms, if necessary, counting on national and international partners prepared to accomplish with full competence and effectiveness all the tasks of the logistic chain. From the guidance at boarding, followed by the selection of the best cost-effective means of transportation, the cargo monitoring up to discharging, the use of the best cargo structure for cargo handling and inland transportation, to the effective delivery and corresponding customs clearance, already at the industrial facilities of the Client, including the official permission for assembling before clearance.

Regarding imports, Logimex activities consist of implementing its concept of Customs Engineering, which means:

  • Plan, create strategies and negotiate with qualified government sectors the execution of these projects operations. Our consultation with agencies such as Ministry of Finance (Internal Revenue Service), Ministry of Development, Industry and Trade (DECEX and Secretaries) and State Treasury Departments, allow us to negotiate the best strategy to follow, always aiming the perfect satisfaction of the Client specific needs.
  • Identify the best practices to import the industrial assets and capital goods that make up the special project, seeking the best tax and credit incentives within the legislation, in order to reduce operational costs, identifying special terms and obtaining prior official licensing, when applicable, always aiming the best importation technical settings.
  • Adjust the cash flow of the special projects to both the shipping schedules, as the preparation of documentation to be submitted to the responsible agencies, to meet the financial availability of these projects.

Concerning exports, Logimex operates under the same principles and procedures, this time in full compliance with its partners, specialized in the legislation of the final destination countries to which the cargo will be exported.