National and International Structure

Logimex is effectively structured to meet all the needs of its Clients, with a technical and operational team of over 20 (twenty) employees, in the several areas of competence of the integrated logistics. The technical and operational experience of the Logimex team is deep and diversified, with an average of 10 (ten) years of activities in each area. Logimex adopts the ICS (Individual Customer Service) concept, which places, in a customized way, the technical and operational team of Logimex in direct contact with each Client, analyzing and structuring the best solution in each case or consultation.

Logimex is permanently connected with Siscomex, in the Internal Revenue Services of Brazil, which allows seamless implementation of its integrated logistic services, quickly and strictly in accordance with the relevant legal provisions.

Logimex has agents in the main Brazilian states and in all the countries that develop expressive business volumes with Brazil, besides being also constantly developing new commercial relations with potential partners. Therefore and adopting a flexible and agile enterprise policy, which enables an immediate organic growth, as there are new Projects and/or Clients, Logimex is ready to expand widely its structure, both nationally and internationally.

Logimex is also a partner of international trading companies, being able to manage import and export operations in the key markets with which Brazil keeps business relations.